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  • Melody DeBlois

My Very First Blog Post

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I thought I’d better get some practice on my Website before I whisk readers off to my virtual book tour that begins this Monday, October 14. I hope you will follow me into this new world of sharing my thoughts on so many subjects. I have to admit; at first, blogging was a little intimidating. After working on posts for the past few weeks, though, I’m excited to get started. All my life I’ve been waiting to talk about my passion, and the time has finally arrived.

The tour will start each morning. It will continue daily for two weeks. There will be interviews, and I’ll be writing about becoming a writer. Plus, there will be an array of other subjects, such as courting the muse and which writers have influenced me. When asked what I believe is the most romantic place in the world, I knew just what to say. My friends and family will no doubt easily guess my choice.

I'm looking forward to connecting to potential new readers and old friends. Please join me.

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